quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2008


Vi à dias um programa da Oprah, que gostei (geralmente gosto de todos os temas discutidos no programa). ela convidou Peter Walsh

It's Not About the Food
As I learned in cluttered houses across the country, when you've collected too much of anything, including fat, you can't get rid of it without facing the underlying issues. To lose weight, to achieve the body and look you desire, you have to consider the many aspects of where and how you live. You have to consider the life you want to live. You have to look at your body the way you look at your house and say, "Do I honor and respect this body? Does it reflect who I am?" If your goals aren't clear and your thinking isn't focused, you can't break the habits that stand in your way.

Gostei imenso do programa, foi bastante educativo! Vejam clips do programa aqui

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